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While there is no text book and guarantee on one particular approach, the following advice you are about to receive is better than most that one will find talking to someone over a cup of coffee.  While Dominican Women are VERY different, there are SOME common things that appeal to all women around the world.


Resist – Resist the temptation to fall in love with the pretty face.  I know this is much easier said than done.  However, all of us know a relationship based on simply physical attraction will certainly not have any longevity.  While physical attraction is important and it’s what we all use as indicators on whether we will make that ‘first move’ don’t let that be your whole basis for approach.  The approach should be to always find out more about her. This is supposed to be THE woman of your dreams that you are seeking.  Don’t be lazy and be content with trying to establish a relationship by email or phone.  That WILL NOT cut it.  It also shows no creativity and no real effort.  What you put into the relationship, you will get out.  It’s good to break the ice but remember not to confuse curiosity with interest.  A woman MAY chat and entertain conversation with you out of curiosity.  That does not mean she is interested; keeping conversation light while building the anticipation for your arrival will create interest.  Be a little mysterious.  If you tell her EVERYTHING about yourself there’s nothing left to talk about when you finally meet in person.


Homework – Do your homework.  In the age of technology there is much that can be learned over the internet about cultures.  This includes but is not limited to music, dance, foods, the language, places to go, things to do. Have a plan when you decide to visit the island so if you do meet a nice lady, she will marvel at the fact that you have done your homework and know how to show her a nice time.  Maybe take a few dance lessons, check out some free internet sites to pick up some Spanish Phrases.  Also be sure to bring a Spanish/English Dictionary.  It’s like an American Express Card; don’t leave home without it if you don’t speak Spanish. And don’t rely on a Translation Program.  Most don’t translate the context of the full sentence and in the end, ends up being something completely different than what you really meant to say, causing confusion and ultimately at times causing the lady to turn completely off towards you.


No Pressure – A first date or meeting should be just that.  Don’t pressure the lady with a bunch of questions.  Keep things simple.  Plan activities that the two of you can participate in and that will spark some conversation.  A good example would be bowling if she enjoys something like this.  Most Dominican Women even if they have never done it, will give it a try.  Take the lead when doing things but be sure to refer to her to find out if she also wants to par take in the activity.  It shows her you are considering her feelings and what she wants as well. Stay away from topics of romance on a first date.


The Follow up – Most Dominican Women are not aggressive so you should not sit back and wait for them to follow up with you.  If you are interested, you follow up with her.  Showing that you are interested and behaving as such means a lot to these women.  If you sit back and wait for a week to call her most likely all that you previously accomplished, will be lost.  Make the call if nothing more than to let her know you were thinking about her.  She will be happy to hear from you.


No Rush – Don’t rush to have sex.  Again, I know it’s easier said than done.  Sex will not solve your problems.  It will only bring you more if this is a relationship that is not meant to be.  Sex is just like Women; it will ALWAYS BE AROUND so there is no need to rush.  She will respect you and view that you are truly serious if you choose to wait a bit.  She may even push the envelope.  When you share a bed here, you’re automatically signed up to be responsible for certain expenses in the lady’s life so be certain about the decision you make.


When In Doubt, Wait it Out – Don’t jump to any decision; even if you have a good idea of what you are going to do.  Always take 24 hours at least to think about things.  It’s VERY easy to find a lady here; the hard part is finding a good lady.  Making hasty decisions will certainly not give you enough information to make a good informed decision.  Wait until she doesn’t get her way.  Wait until you have your first argument. These are the things you want to see before you make any major decisions. 


Be YOU – Always be YOU.  If she falls madly in love but you are pretending to be someone else, the relationship will fall faster than some U.S. banks fell.   Be sincere with your intentions, your plans, ideas, etc.


Be respectful – After all this is someone’s daughter.  This is someone’s emotions.  Treat people like you want to be treated.  I’m not going to get all religious on you here but to whatever person you may worship up above……he will be watching and in the end it’s always as they say.  “What goes around……comes around.”


And lastly…..Have fun!  Meeting a great lady should be a fun, thrilling experience.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  At least you made a friend if things don’t work out romantically.  The ladies like a guy who is sincere, kind, has a sense of humor, can dance a bit and is affectionate and attentive.  Remember these things and you will be well on your way to finding the lady of your dreams.  Just know…Dream Do Come True in the Dominican Republic!




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